How to Ease Pain After a Tooth Extraction

Pain is common after a tooth extraction. It is best to prepare for the pain now rather than when it happens. A tooth extraction takes a lot out of your body. Add pain to the mix and you will not feel like learning how to ease the pain.

Without further delay, take a peek at a few of the best pain elimination techniques to use after a tooth extraction.

OTC Pain Relievers

Dentists recommend over the counter pain relievers for patients after a tooth extraction. Dentists recommend ibuprofen first, but naproxen and acetaminophen also work.

tooth extraction aftercare forsyth

Prescription Pain Relievers

When OTC pain relievers do not provide pain relief, contact the dentist. He can prescribe a prescription pain reliever that works more effectively to treat the pain.

Ice Packs

Ice packs provide double benefits since they help ease swelling and numb the area so that pain subsides. If you don’t own an ice pack, make one yourself using an old towel and ice cubes from the freezer. Use ice packs for pain and swelling relief for several days after the extraction.

Clove Oil

One of the best natural treatments for tooth pain is clove oil. It’s been used for centuries as a tooth pain treatment. It’s a good idea to have clove oil on hand at all times for the ‘what ifs’ in life. It is sold at drug stores for a few dollars. Simply apply to the extraction area for instant relief.

Follow all the tooth extraction aftercare forsyth tips your dentist provides. He is the expert and knows what you need to maintain good oral health and to keep pain to a minimum. You Can also use the tips above to ensure pain doesn’t get the best of you after a tooth extraction.